Monday, March 30, 2009

Recession Woes

Economic recession is here. As if I didn't know the fact, it was all too obvious. The place where I work has not strated to lay off people. Yet. That is in India of course. Globally, it's a different story.
We all keep hearing about rumors how other companies are firing people left, right and center and it can be our turn any other day. 

I never believed in these doomsdays theories. And I have got enough problems of my own, than to think about when my job is going to go. ( As an afterthought, I don't know how I will continue my retail therapy if things go wrong). But, this is not what I chose to blog about.

As I said, this recession thing has put lot of people out of job but the place where I work, it has made people out of work. Now, if you have bunch of young, smart, intelligent people around who don't have much to do than to spend their entire time either on Facebook or blogsites, what you'd propose to do?

You'd ask them to indulge in mindless activities such as organizing events to get all employess together and spend time with each other. Never mind if you don't want to stand the guy who chats as if he is long lost sibling of Rakhi Sawant or the lady who thinks just because she is punjabi, she can foul mouth anyone. Ah, if these were the problems that really mattered to me.
Some bright chap gave the idea that why not have a poll asking employees some random questions. Most of them very boring and tepid according to my taste. Sample this: Who is the most helpful person? Seriously?? I mean give me a break. Are we here in a personality contest??

Whatever. So while I was completely disinterested in the whole proceedings, a little birdy told me that I was also one of the contenders. The category, though certainly flattering, had me in worry. Was it too obvious??

Best dressed person? I mean who are we kidding here? Like I mentioned that there are a couple of guys who have six packs amply supported by their punju model looks, who dress more expensively ( like Shades costing 15 K) this win was a total surprise to me. Curious I was, as to find out how I beat these people to win the race, and the answer was not difficult and I was told it was my style which won over the expensive brands. haha. Don't I feel good? Yes, I do. I dress quite conservatively opting for very fitted, formal look without giving too much attention to what I am gonna wear next day. But I guess somethings like your style are innate ( reading cosmo, or always helps), I have a thing for good things not necessarily expensive ( which I'd love to buy if I was that rich) and it sometimes shows. And yes, if you think it's about being gay. So be it. I would prefer being called a stylish person. Straight or gay!